This site is being maintained by Aide Fitch, an architect and Marshall Fire survivor who lost her own home, with help from some community volunteers and local building industry professionals volunteering their time to help our neighbors:

Steve Brauneis, LEED AP, is a Louisville resident and community contributor, including chairing the Planning Commission. He has a long career of experience in green building, having worked at some of the most respected organizations in the field, including Rocky Mountain Institute.

Mark Attard is a Louisville resident and the operations manager at Hammerwell, Inc., a custom home builder specializing in passive homes. Mark has been involved with the passive house system since taking his first course in 2008. He is a certified passive house tradesperson through IPHA. Over his 30 plus years of construction experience he has come to realize that with proper planning high performance buildings can cost minimally more than code built homes, with much greater returns.

Colorado Green Building Guild ( https://cgbg.org/ )
Founded in 2004, the Colorado Green Building Guild (CGBG) is a non-profit organization for building professionals. CGBG strives to ensure the widespread adoption of sustainable building practices to increase the efficient use of resources, create healthier indoor environments, and support vibrant, sustainable communities throughout Colorado. Through community events, educational workshops and networking opportunities, the Guild offers its members, sponsors and partners the chance to share their knowledge, increase their business opportunities, support a clean energy economy and make sustainable building a common practice throughout the state.