Site Coordination

The following issues will be detailed here over the coming weeks:

  • Coordinated cleanup
  • Potential damage to curbs, sidewalks, and roads
  • Regrading and property lines
  • Fixing and updating existing infrastructure
  • Long-term fire prevention

Coordinated cleanup: The FEMA supported contracts yielded a lawsuit, which is a common occurrence with government contracts. In this case the troublemaker that launched the suit is none other than Michael Brown, “Brownie”, the former head of FEMA appointed by George W. Bush. We should all hope, and perhaps make our voices heard, that Mr. Brown and his company will decide to stop causing this controversy which is hurting Marshall Fire victims.

The City of Louisville will be launching a site coordination and rebuilding information page soon. We’ll link to it and make sure our information is updated in sync. We’ll also be in contact with Superior and Boulder County.

Potential damage to curbs, sidewalks, and roads: The City of Louisville has confirmed that if there is damage done to curbs and sidewalks, it’s the responsibility of the homeowner and their contractor to repair it. The City will not repair it. In the case of the coordinated cleanup, the overall contract includes a requirement for the cleanup contractor to repair damages. There will be some effort by the coordinated cleanup to track damage, homever, it’s advisable that all homeowners to take photos of your sidewalks and curbs now, so you can prove one way or another who did the damage. Also, I’ll follow up here with information about Superior and Boulder County policies also.

Regrading and property lines: The City of Louisville has confirmed that they will not be providing coordinated surveying. However, they are vetting surveying companies for group discounts. One Louisville block already solicited quotes and the companies said there wouldn’t be group discounts, just same price for everyone. In most of the burned neighborhoods in Louisville, and probably Superior, there are pins in the ground that help establish property lines, so there will probably be not much to dispute or coordinate between neighbors.